Embeed JOC Flash Viewer Console on Facebook Module

Important: this module is available starting with JOC 5.5.6. The module can be purchased and installed, only if an upgrade to JOC 5.5.6 is done first.

First of all you will need to be logged into your member account. Then go to the chat room which Live stream you want to share on Facebook.

On the viewer console click on Share on Facebook link:

video chat software share on facebook


A link will appear; you will need to copy the provided link:

16:9 HDTV video chat software

1. Copy this URL if you want to share this Live stream on Facebook

2. Click here to close the pop-up window and return to chat room


Now login into your Facebook account and go to your wall. Then on update status field enter the URL from the chat room:

helpdesk chat software shared on facebook

1. Enter here the URL that you want to share on Facebook

2. This will be auto-generated

3. Click here to share the Live stream on Facebook


Once you have shared the URL the other persons can view it on your Facebook wall:

flash chat script for facebook

Note: broadcaster’s JOC profile picture will be listed as thumbnail on Facebook post; if the broadcaster has no profile picture then the default JOC thumbnail profile will be listed


Clicking on Play button from the Facebook thumbnail the chat will open on Facebook:

facebook video chat script


Now the other persons can join the chat room of your favorite broadcaster from Facebook.


Important: On Facebook the viewer console will have the same functionality as the JOC viewer console.