View Cacti Reports

You can view your cacti reports by following the steps below:

Log in to Eyepartner Support ticket system

Top right hand side of each page select -> Servers:

chat room server cacti reports


Click on Server Traffic Graphs link:

server traffic graphic report

1. Select the Start Date

2. Select the End Date

3. Select the Server for which you want to view the reports

4. Click to Display Graphic


The traffic reports are listed for the selected server:

chat site server cacti reports

1. Here you can view the CPU usage reports

2. Here you can view the load average reports

Note: a value more than 20 units is considered a critical load

3. Here you can view the memory usage reports

4. Shared clients receive the traffic reports

Note: dedicated clients receive all cacti reports

5. Here you can view the available disk space reports


Scroll down to Graphic named: Traffic (bits/sec, Total Bandwidth) 64 bit counters

chat site server cacti reports

Total Traffic made on the server is Total in + Total out

In the image total traffic is 2.05 GB + 455.28 MB =  2.5 GB